I began this adventure in a small farming county in northeast Ohio. The local 4-H club helped launch my interest in photography and cooking. When I aged out after 11 years, my father informed me that photography was an actual college major. So, I spent four years at Ohio University studying Commercial Photography. No one said anything at that point about the challenging job market.

After graduation I moved to Colorado with my sister. Vail is where I unofficially furthered my photography studies while also serving as a barista and front desk manager for a spa. After a year and a half, I paused, took a look at my life and realized I wasn’t progressing. I was stuck in the Disney World that is Vail. I needed to get out now or be stuck forever.

I NEVER EVER wanted to end up in Cleveland. EVER. I had interned at an inspiring photography studio in Chicago, Jeff Sciortino, during my college years, and that is where I intended to go. But, stayed in Cleveland. I was fortunate enough to freelance at an amazing studio in Cleveland, Kalman & Pabst. This is where I discovered food styling and my new passion.

Delores Custer, the woman who wrote the book on food styling (literally), teaches a week long workshop out of her apartment in Portland, Oregon. I was lucky enough to attend in the fall of 2013! I then attended Cuyahoga Community College for culinary school. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with Associates degrees in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management.

I moved to North Bay April 2018 to work along side Phil Tessier and his team of chefs at Hestan Smart Cooking. I spent a year creating photographs, videos and marketing materials as food stylist and photographer. Now I am looking to dig into the SF market.

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